Toward dating ranging from times consumption, CO

Toward dating ranging from times consumption, CO

The fresh new standard design are calibrated to a 2019 Public Bookkeeping Matrix (SAM) out-of Egypt. Brand new 2019 SAM are produced according to a 2011 SAM having fun with a development foundation equivalent to the new ratio involving the Egyptian GDP about a couple of years. We compared the brand new made SAM to the construction off Egypt’s cost savings according to research by the most recent data around the globe Bank Database; no tall variations was in fact found in the economy’s framework. Additional Fig. eleven shows which assessment.

Nile River program–Egypt’s financial combination

The Eastern Nile River system model and the CGE model of Egypt run dynamically over a 30-year simulation period (2020–2049) and multiple scenarios. For each 30-year simulation, the CGE model executes 30 annual time steps, and the river system model executes 360 monthly time steps (30 years ? 12 months). The CGE and river system models are integrated through the water and electricity sectors, as described earlier. The convergence test is performed using the GDP at market prices with an assumed convergence threshold of US$ 5 million. A maximum of 50 iterations is specified for each annual time step. All simulated time steps converged in <50 iterations.

Analysis access

The information one to hold the conclusions from the investigation come regarding related blogger on reasonable request from the Zenodo: The latest involved copywriter will make the fresh new cost savings-relevant research offered on reasonable demand. The fresh new Eastern Nile Lake program model and its study are not in public areas offered because of state limitations and you will incorporate guidance that may sacrifice lookup participant privacy/agree.

Code availableness

The Pywr and Pynsim application libraries used to build brand new included economy-greater and you will river program model are discover-source and freely available on the following repositories: The quality CGE make of IFPRI was freely accessible from the after the connect:


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